Social Integration and
Sociovocational Integration Services

Social integration services (SI) are designed to support an adult who is experiencing adjustment difficulties of a psychological, intellectual, social or physical nature. SI offers individualized learning to promote the acquisition of basic skills, to foster a sense of autonomy in a person’s daily life and, where applicable, to pursue further studies.

Sociovocational Integration Services (SVI) are intended to provide adult learners with the means to develop their employability, to enter the labour market and to remain employed. These services are also available to adult learners who wish to continue their studies.


Ventures, a Social Integration and Sociovocational Integration service from the Quebec Ministry of Education, is an inclusive program for differently abled adults. The ultimate goal for the students at Ventures is to increase their autonomy as much as possible both at home and in the workplace. In order to improve in these spheres, the students learn life skills as well as work skills.

Ventures is offered at ACCESS Royal Oak
3555 Rocheleau, Saint-Hubert

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Training for a Semiskilled Trade

At ACCESS, you can choose your pathway to earn qualifications in a semiskilled trade that will allow you to enter the workforce! Learn the skills needed to work in a semi-skilled trade and/or to land a good part time job! From seasonal work to beauty & esthetics to animal care to mechanics and everything in between, you can choose from over 100 different semiskilled trades and develop your employability by gaining essential skills for different types of workplaces.

Training for a semiskilled trade is offered at ACCESS Cleghorn
163 Cleghorn, Saint-Lambert

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